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Pink Parcel is here for you throughout your cycle – and every day in between – delivering helpful period info and health advice, from missing or late periods, to PMSdischarge and period pain (and lots more – obviously). You name it, we’ve got you covered. Get to grips with your periods, here.

Health & Wellbeing

Why Do My Boobs Become Sore Before My Period?

If it’s not enough that we bleed and get cramps each month, some of us also experience painful breasts during our period,...

Health & Wellbeing

What’s Endometriosis? Ask The Body Experts

If you have heavy or painful periods, with pain after sex and spotting, you could be experiencing symptoms of endometriosis. With one in...

Health & Wellbeing

What Happens If You Put Two Tampons In?

Life is busy and let’s face it, keeping on top of everyday to-do lists means that sometimes you can find yourself forgetting...

Health & Wellbeing

10 Iron-Rich Foods To Eat On Your Period

Long or heavy periods suck for a heap of practical reasons, but if you’re bleeding heavily every month, there’s also a chance...

Health & Wellbeing

Wombs Around The Web – November ’18

Welcome to Wombs Around The Web – Pink Parcel’s monthly round-up of women’s health news and period news from around the world....

Health & Wellbeing

What Is Perimenopause?

You might have heard of the menopause and dismissed it as something that only happens to your mum and women of ‘a...

Health & Wellbeing

What’s My Period Flow Telling Me? Ask The Body Experts

Without stating the obvious, a period is the most visible, outward sign of a functioning menstrual cycle (like, duh). But along with...

Health & Wellbeing

Endometriosis Is In The Spotlight After Lena Dunham Has Ovary Removed

Lena Dunham revealed last week that she has undergone an operation to remove her left ovary. The producer and star of the...

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