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#Femmecraft: How To Make An Origami Vagina

When did you last dabble in something arty? Maybe not since high school? Or perhaps you're already a total make-and-do addict? Either way, we're up for a bit of extra crafting in our lives.

Not only is making stuff deeply therapeutic – there's no time for anxiously over-thinking life when you're nose down in a complicated cross stitch – but you get something to show for your efforts too. Ta-da.

So get your scissors, glue and paint pot at the ready because we're bringing you #femmecraft ­– our new monthly make series that celebrates our favourite topic, womanhood. Think period-inspired art projects, boob bakes, knitted nipples, and for the green-fingered among you, *actual* lady gardens.

Today, we'll show you how to make an origami vagina.

  1. Start with a square of origami paper and fold one corner to meet the other. Then, fold up a small, straight spine along the bottom folded edged of your triangle and open up your square along this fold.

  1. Make accordion folds backwards and forwards from your spine edge, stopping when you can count three mini triangles at the end. Flip over and repeat on the other side – making accordion folds and again stopping when you have three triangles on each end.

  1. Take the top, right side edge and fold it down to create a triangle. Then fold down the left side edge to make a smaller triangle shape. Turn over and repeat this on the other side, starting from left to right.

  1. Now gently open the shape flat, so you have three horizontal lines. Fold the top end inwards, with the point ending at the ‘hips’ of the outer flaps (see dotted line). Fold back the tip and fold it flat again.

  1. Next, fold in the two edges of your tip to create a point – like making a small paper airplane. Fold the whole tip upwards to the outer edge. And then fold it back again with a small accordion fold.

  1. Next, fold under the very top edge of your shape and unfold, so you can see a good, sharp crease. Then, take the two outer flaps and bring them together, tucking one under the other so that they’re not crushed. At the same time, gently fold into the centre the lower sides of the shape so it all fits together. Pop under the top end, where you made the crease.

  1. Fold under the bottom edge, at the point where the outer triangles finish (see dotted line) and then fold the whole shape in half, backwards, releasing the outer flaps.

  1. Find the tip in between the inner folds, lift it up and fold back the end of it. Squeeze the tip to create a blunt shape. This is your vagina’s clitoris.

  1. If your shape starts to separate, pinch the top edge together and backwards, and then you're ready to start opening it up. Spread apart the inner flaps and gently crush the shape with your thumbs to give your vagina definition. Finally, manipulate the folds further so that they resemble real labia. And you're done!

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Origami instructions by Master Sugoi, Pornogami