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period humour

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Arts & Culture

The Girl Power Emojis We *So* Wish Existed

So the poo emoji is great and that juicy peach and phallic aubergine sure gets the message across, but how many times have...

Arts & Culture

5 Songs That Are Secretly (Definitely) About Periods

Sure, these lyrics may not be explicitly about sore wombs and blood flow, but we’re onto you pop stars. We’re onto you…...

Period Tips, Help & Advice

39 Thoughts You Have When Your Period Takes You By Surprise

1. Oh, hey you. 2. Why am I always a tiny bit shocked when you turn up? 3. It’s not like we...

Arts & Culture

Holiday Lingo: How To Ask For Tampons When Traveling This Summer

So you were super-organized booking your holiday, sorted your suitcase like a total pro and remembered your passport. Good work. But what happens when you...

Arts & Culture

6 Kickass A-listers Get Candid About Their Periods

Just because they have yachts, great hair and Bradley Cooper on speed dial, it doesn’t mean they get to opt out of...

Period Tips, Help & Advice

31 Thoughts You Have When You Suffer From Heavy Periods

1. Oh good, it’s that time of the month again when I’m basically going to become anemic. 2. I’m sure I should...

Period Tips, Help & Advice

12 Things You’ve Definitely Done While On Your Period

Guilty of any of these during your period week? We certainly are… 1. Bought the ingredients for a leafy stir-fry on the...

Arts & Culture

7 Times Tumblr Totally Summed Up Our Periods

We can think of one big pro when it comes to our periods – womankind totally relates. The sad uterus, the uncontrollable moods,...

Period Tips, Help & Advice

The 5 Most Ridiculous Period Myths We’ve *Ever* Heard

Ok, so some of these myths go back to ancient times when the idea of women having periods was an absolute shocker for society. Worryingly,...

Arts & Culture

Gifts We Wish We Got Every Single Month (Instead Of Our Periods)

The mood swings. The cramps. The monthly batch of ruined pants. Oh, how we have a special place in our hearts for our...

Period Tips, Help & Advice

15 Times Your Period Knew Better Than You

The inconvenient truth is that your period knows more than you. So much more. Here’s 15 times it knew best. 1. When you...

Period Tips, Help & Advice

The Mash-Up Words We Use When We’ve Got Our Period

Ah, the English language is a beautiful thing. But some of the best words are the ones that aren’t real words at...

Period Tips, Help & Advice

Say What?! 19 Stupid Sayings We Use For Periods

Here at Pink Parcel we like to call a spade a spade, or should we say a period a period. We reckon...

Period Tips, Help & Advice

9 Things You Want For Christmas If Your Period’s In Town

If you’re one of the unlucky ones whose period is joining you and the family for this year’s festivities, here are nine gifts you...

Arts & Culture

Maya Rudolph’s Vagina Jingle Made Our Life

The events of the past week have been pretty heavy (ahem Brexit) so in an attempt to lighten the mood, we need...

Arts & Culture

Jennifer Lawrence Wore This Dress Because She Was On Her Period

                  Just when you thought Jennifer Lawrence couldn’t get any more relatable, she goes...

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