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Health & Wellbeing

Let’s Talk About Nipple Care

We beautify our faces, work-out our bodies and make sure our vaginas are healthy, but how often do you give your nipples...

Health & Wellbeing

Real Talk: I Needed Morphine For My Painful Periods

Ah, you really can’t beat sharing stories to make you feel like you’re not alone in a situation – we can all identify with a...

Health & Wellbeing

The Body Experts: Do You Have Millennial Anxiety?

Even if you don’t suffer from extreme anxiety, maybe you’ve experienced a more day-to-day feeling of unease. Or perhaps you’ve occasionally experienced hormone-related jangles...

Health & Wellbeing

The Body Experts: How To Fix Bad Posture

Sorry to sound like your mum here, but are you slouching rn? Do you make a point of walking tall, or have...

Health & Wellbeing

7 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Mornings

How many life goals have you set yourself so far? Like, a trillion? All those people to meet, mountains to climb, things...

Period Tips, Help & Advice

The Body Experts: Facts To Know About Your Period Flow

Without stating the obvious, a period is the most visible, outward sign of a functioning menstrual cycle (like, duh). But along with...

Health & Wellbeing

The 5 Signs You Need More Self-Love In Your Life

Sure, taking care of yourself involves a body scrub, sorting out your toe nails and deploying a much-needed hair mask, but it...

Health & Wellbeing

The No BS Ways To Tackle Seasonal Affective Disorder

Whether you have a touch of the winter blues, or just that your sofa slothing is off the scale, there’s no doubt...

Health & Wellbeing

I Went Plant-Based For A Month And Here’s What Happened

Veganism is without a doubt the biggest food and wellbeing trend among millennials RN. According to a study by the Vegan Society, the number of...


Secrets Of A Hair Care Expert: How To Show Your Locks Some Love

Whether you’ve got a trailing mane or a sharp pixie crop, your hair deserves as much TLC as the rest of your bod....

Health & Wellbeing

Cravings Corner: For When You Want To Eat Good Stuff

Ok, ok, it might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you want to squash your PMS cravings, BUT if you’re...

Health & Wellbeing

Period Pick-Me-Up: Pelvic Floor Exerciser

We train our bodies and we exercise our minds, but did you know that *down there* can benefit from a workout too?...

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