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Health & Wellbeing / Tamsin Salfrais

7 Things Tea Definitely Heals (Including A Broken Heart)

Sponsored by Hoogly Tea

Us Brits drink more than 60 billion cups of tea a year, according to the UK Tea and Infusions Association. That’s roughly 1.2 billion liters of liquid, so I guess that explains why there is always a queue for the office loo…

Morning, noon and night, tea brings comfort you just can’t get from other drinks, or even sometimes, another actual human person. The ultimate indulgence, Hoogly Tea’s chill out mint flavor tea, is healing for more than just cramps. Grab your Hoogly teabag from July’s box, pop the kettle on and settle in. These are the seven things tea DEFINITELY heals:

1. The morning from hell

Emails, run away dogs, rain, train delays; the possibilities are endless. A steaming cuppa brings back the hygge vibe, which Hoogly Tea are all about (Hoogly is the pronunciation of ‘hyggelig’, don’t cha know).


2. A break up

Tea warms the cockles of your cold, dark, broken soul. This tea tastes better than his wet, sloppy kisses, anyway.


3. A parched mouth (after an intense gossip session)

An elevenses gossip session is nothing without a good brew. What else, but a warm mug, are you to hold on to while you gesture wildly with the other hand?

200w_d (1)

4. PTTD… that’s Post Traumatic Television Disorder

When your favorite character has just been severly wronged, or a ‘Marley and Me’ situation happens, the only thing you can do is run to the kettle for solace in the break.

200w_d (2)

5. A hangover

When you’ve been wronged by one liquid (or a lethal combination of many), let tea heal your soul and hydrate you.

200w_d (3)

6. The heart of a lonely biscuit

Tea and biscuits are a match made in heaven. Fact. Don’t keep them apart; put your hands together Joey Tribbiani style.

200w_d (4)

7. A zombie apocalypse

Pretty sure the moody lot from The Walking Dead wouldn’t have half their issues if they’d started their day by switching on the kettle.

200w_d (5)

Hoogly Tea Chill Out Mint is available in July’s Pink Parcel and on the Hoogly Tea website.


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