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Period Tips, Help & Advice / Claire Blackmore

#TabooTuesday: Do Your Periods *Actually* Sync?

Ever wondered if this is an actual fact? You might think you sync with your flatmates to create one big period party (weepy chick flicks, pajama sit-ins and insatiable chocolate appetites all round) but is there any real science behind synced menstrual cycles?

A study in the 90s found that 80% of women believed synchronicity was a thing (not a mythical beast like Edward Cullen in Twilight) and that 70% loved the notion. We get it. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that even our bodies want to support each other during the bad times – that women are soooo empathetic that even our uteruses say hey, let’s do this together girl.


Well, there have been nods to something called “menstrual synchrony” – a theory that women who live together or hang out all the time will notice they get their periods around the same time because of pheromones, or “airborne chemical signals”. The idea was first documented by a lady called Martha McClintock in 1971, who observed 135 college students sharing a dorm. She believed there was an increase in period syncing, but there have since been studies that have found no evidence of this.

In conclusion (that sounds science-y, right?) period syncing is more Robert Pattinson, less super romantic Edward, aka not real.

The theory now? Women’s periods fall in line by chance. Those of us who aren’t on any kind of contraception and have naturally occurring cycles have periods that are too inconsistent to sync.

In 2006, researchers Zhengwei Yang and Jeffrey C. Schank stated: “Cycle variability leads to repeated cycle convergences and subsequent divergences, which may explain the perception of synchrony.” This means that although you might be sure you’ve synced with your bff, you have probably only randomly aligned for a few days by chance. Boooo.

But if you love the idea of having a soul sister to bleed with, to hell with science (no, not really), but we say throw those period parties anyway!

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