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#Femmecraft: How To Make A Vagina Christmas Tree Dec

When did you last dabble in something arty? Maybe not since high school? Or perhaps you’re already a total make-and-do addict? Either way, we’re up for a bit of extra crafting in our lives.

Not only is making stuff deeply therapeutic (there’s no time for anxiously over-thinking life when you’re nose down in a complicated cross stitch, right?) but you get something to show for your efforts too. Ta-da.

So get your scissors, glue and paint pot at the ready because we’re bringing you #femmecraft ­– our new monthly make series that celebrates our favorite topic, womanhood. Think period-inspired art projects, boob bakes, knitted nipples, and for the green-fingered among you, *actual* lady gardens.

Today, we’re showing you how to make a vagina Christmas tree decoration.

What you need

Felt in three contrasting colors

Decoration shapes – save our template and print.


Glue stick

Sharpie pen

Embroidery thread in two contrasting colors

Embroidery needle

Mini jingle bell


Stuffing ­– we used cotton wool

How to make

  1. Grab your template and carefully cut out the shapes. Then with a sharpie pen, trace around your shapes onto the felt and cut them out – you should now have A x2, B, C, D & E shapes in felt.

  1. Take shape D, add a dab of glue and stick to the back of shape E. Pop shape E on top of shape D.

  1. Now glue this piece in the middle of one of the A shapes.

  1. Sew in your mini jingle bell as shown – this is the clitoris.


  1. Take shape B and shape C and position over shape E so that the edges meet at the top and the bottom (the flaps will overlap). Hold in place with a dab of glue and then stitch all the way around the edge. Push some stuffing under B and C and then tuck under the flaps. Add a little stitch in the middle at the top and bottom to join and hold the two sides together.

  1. It you want to add a star or two to the front of your decoration, now’s the time to do it.

  1. Next, grab your second shape A – this is the base – and cover with your shape A ‘lid’. Then carefully stitch all the way around the edge with a blanket stitch until you reach the halfway point at the bottom. Fill with stuffing and continue to stitch the shape closed.

  1. Sew a loop of ribbon to the top point of shape A and stitch around to hide the join.

  1. Now, you can hang your dec on the tree. Merry Christmas!


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