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Health & Wellbeing / Tamsin Salfrais

Why Afternoon Tea Is the New Boozy Brunch

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Wondering how to spend a Saturday afternoon? No need. Hit up your WhatsApp group and grab the girls for a gossip session and afternoon tea. No longer reserved for old grannies or the ‘country-club crew’, high tea is the new boozy brunch – and we just can’t get enough.

Even better, if you’re veering towards your overdraft with all the grace and speed of a drag racer, you can host a super-easy afternoon tea at home. Just crack out the pretty teapot your aunt gave you when you moved in and give the dining table a once over. Ta-da, ready. If you’re not yet convinced, here are eight more reasons why we love AT:

1. Eggs

If you’ve had a heavy Friday night, eggs are probably the last thing you want to put in your mouth the next day. A staple at brunch, but not one in sight at afternoon tea.

2. Speaking of alcohol…

With a boozy brunch comes alcohol. A lot of it. Sunday brunchers = Monday vommers and that’s not the professional look we’re going for. Avoid that shiz all together.

3. All night long

Brunch never ends with brunch. Brunch turns into post-brunch drinks, which turn into a night out, which turns into a kebab, or three, and an hour long taxi ride home. Give your health – and your bank card – a little break, yeah?

4. No stress

Unlike other meals that you cook for your mates, everything can be prepared before they arrive, meaning a much more chilled time for you. Hurrah. Nothing necessarily needs to be served hot – even the tea. We love Kusmi Tea BB Detox tea, which can be drunk hot, or cold (BB stands for ‘beauty beverage’ FYI – enough said, really).

5. Carbs, carbs, carbs

Arguably our favorite food group, period craving or not, afternoon tea is the best excuse for excessive carb consumption. Sarnies, scones and the bonus dairy product of clotted cream. Mmmmm.

6. You can theme your tea

Themed afternoon teas are great fun, and everyone can get in the spirit. Recreate the interactive science afternoon tea at The Ampersand Hotel, or a strong favorite, the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

7. Spend time with your loved ones

Brunch is most fun when spent with friends, but afternoon tea can be enjoyed with anyone special in your life. Boyfriend, girlfriend, mum, grandma, siblings, or a super-group of all five significant groups. The more the merrier, huh?

8. And maybe the *most* important thing…

… Afternoon teas make for oh-so pretty Instagram pics. Kusmi Tea comes in beautiful baroque tins that will add some glamor to your social feed, as will your fabulous finger sarnies and A-class jam scones. Enjoy.

Kusmi Tea BB Detox blend is a mix of green tea, mate and grapefruit. It’s available in August’s Pink Parcel, online and in their cute little boutique on Marylebone High Street.

If you haven’t signed up to Pink Parcel yet, it’s time to start enjoying your period! Subscribe here and you’ll have everything you need (and want) sent directly to your door.


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