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Health & Wellbeing / Claire Blackmore

#TabooTuesday: Everything You NTK About Vaginal Discharge

It’s annoying enough when your period ruins your fave pair of pants, but what about when you’ve finally stopped bleeding and you’re free to wear your prettiest, frilliest knickers – only for discharge to arrive loud and proud.

Should we be angry at its bold return or should we be happy to see the sticky residue. Should we be embracing it? Learning to love it? Is it even healthy? Here, we solve the mystery that is vaginal mucus…

What actually *is* discharge?

Discharge is a totally natural mucus, produced by your cervix, that’s made up of normal bacteria and fluids and is essentially your vagina giving itself a lovely little clean. It also protects your vagina from infections and usually starts showing itself about six months to a year before your first period. It’s basically a ‘hey, you’re hitting puberty babes’ from your reproductive system.

How much discharge should I produce?

Most bodies produce around a teaspoon of discharge per day, but the amount actually changes throughout your menstrual cycle – especially around the time you ovulate. Expect a fair amount more when that egg is released from your ovaries! The texture will be kinda wet and stretchy too, but remember it can vary across the month from a clear liquid to a gloopy white gel. If you want to protect your sexy pants from you vagina’s own body wash then this is the time to use a panty liner, but if you want to embrace what your body gave you (whoop!) just wash ‘em…

How do I know if it’s unhealthy?

Your discharge will vary throughout the month, but if at any point you experience a dramatic change, you may need to book in with your GP. Some things to look out for are; a cottage cheese-like texture, a strong odor, a gray or green color or a whole load more mucus than you usually deal with. See your doctor too if you are experiencing side effects such as dizziness, abdominal pain, itching or burning.

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