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Health & Wellbeing / Claire Blackmore

9 Ways To Get A Better Night’s Sleep Tonight

Nailing a bedtime routine has the potential to improve your sleep tenfold, leaving you more rested and feeling totally ta-da in the morning. Who doesn’t want a bit of that? Put into place these tried and tested before-bed rituals ­and your body and mind will thank you for it…

Change your sheets

Ok, not every night, that would be silly. But it’s a good habit to be changing bedding on the same day, once a week ­– you can’t beat that “ahhh” feeling of sinking into fresh sheets on a Sunday night. According to a YouGov poll, more than a third of us only change our bedding once a fortnight and that ain’t enough considering sheets collect sweat, saliva and dead skin cells. This yucky stuff that can attract dust mites and make allergies worse.

Lower the lights

Studies have shown that too much bright electric light between dusk and bedtime can suppress melatonin levels making you feel too wired for sleep. Dim your lights in the lead up to bed to create a calming vibe.

Sip a bedtime brew

Make late night caffeinated drinks a no-no. Warm, milky drinks and herbal teas are a good alternative. Choose a tea blend with sleep-inducing ingredients for the extra win

Dump your thoughts

You’ve probably already got an epic to-do list on the go, but keep a notebook and pen next to your bed to use as a brain dump. Any late night niggly thoughts and must-dos left in your head can leave the brain whizzing, making it difficult to drop off. The School of Life has a journal just for the job.

Ditch the screens

Study after study proves that too much time on devices before bed meddles with melatonin levels, impacting on our sleep. Do we listen? Do we heck. Give yourself a screen curfew and if you’re still hankering for entertainment after this cut-off, read a book or magazine, or listen to an audio book.

Adjust your room temperature

Without meaning to get all Goldilocks about it, is your bedroom too hot? Too cold? Just right? “Hot, cold and drafty rooms can seriously impact on your sleep. Your body heat peaks in the evening and then drops to its lowest levels when you’re asleep, so a cool 16-18°C is thought to be an ideal temperature in a bedroom. Temperatures over 24°C are likely to cause restlessness, while a cold room of about 12°C will make it difficult to drop off,” advises the Sleep Council.

Light a candle

Yes it’s cozy and hygge, but the ritual of lightening an aromatherapy candle or burning some essential oil before you sleep can also promote a better’s night’s kip. Lavender, Sweet Marjoram and Neroli are super-calming wonder-scents, or give this Scentered candle from our Pink Shop a go.

Plan your clothes

Such a tiny thing, but why does organizing the next day’s outfit before you go to bed make you feel so grown-up and together? Try it. Never again will you have to do that stressful morning wardrobe scramble in your thong.

Strike a pose

Viparita Karani – often known as legs-up-the-wall pose – is a mild yoga inversion that calms the entire nervous system and has tons of health benefits. It can even be done from your bed. Learn how to practice the posture here.

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