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Health & Wellbeing / Claire Blackmore

#TabooTuesday: What Should My Ladybits Look Like?

I remember reading in a teen mag once that you should get to know your vagina by locking your bedroom door, removing your knickers and straddling a mirror. Study it, fall in love with it, check it for changes – a slightly terrifying concept when you’re 14 and have no idea if yours is ‘normal’ to begin with.

Fast forward fifteen years and that mindset remains the same for a lot of us. The number of women opting for female gentical cosmetic surgery (or a labiaplasty) is continuing to rise, and it’s not like you compare your ladybits with your best friend’s like you might do with your boobs. Is this how we all got so darn insecure about ‘down there’? Also, how do we even know if things are ship, shape and shiny? The question of our teen years remains: what should our vaginas actually look like?!

Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 11.30.31

The official name for the whole party down there is the vulva. The pubes, the outer lips, the inner lips, the clitoris and the external openings of the urethra and vagina. Your actual vagina is your birth canal, not the whole shebang, but it’s usually the labia people are concerned about. So, what kind of reflection should we see when we straddle our make-up mirror?

Women have two sets of lips: a labia majora (the outer lips) and a labia minora (the inner lips). Half of you will spread your outer lips and find your inner lips, the other half of you will see your inner lips already as they are longer than your outer lips – think of them as your vagina’s version of innie and outtie belly buttons. All are totally lovely, healthy, fine and normal!

Size doesn’t matter. Long, short, stretchy, thin, fat – there’s a place in this world for them all.

Nor does color. They’re like lipsticks. Some are pink, some are red, some are brown, some are purple and they all look gorgeous, right?

It’s also totally normal for things to be a bit wrinkly downstairs too. No, it’s not your vagina getting old, it’s a sign of healthy elasticity, which will be very helpful if you decide to have children.

And exhale.

See, vaginas are as diverse as we are. It makes sense when you think about it, really. If you’re still not sure if your labia looks like it’s meant to, take a look at this amazing gallery to see all the different shapes and sizes they come in.

P.S. It’s probably (definitely) NSFW.

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