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Health & Wellbeing / Claire Blackmore

5 Reasons Why Chocolate Is Good For Mind, Body And Soul

It’s National Chocolate Week and frankly, there isn’t a celebration that speaks to our soul more. (There’s a reason it’s always in your Pink Parcel, guys. It’s the bomb.)

Chocolate is not only there for us when we’re feeling down, fancy a snack, or when the period cramps hit us hard, but countless research suggests that the sweet stuff is actually good for us too!

So in honor of our cocoa bff, we’re reminding you exactly why you need it in your diet not just this week, but every single month…

It can help relieve monthly cramps

One reason we crave chocolate during our period is because it actually contains something we need – magnesium. This mineral not only helps with those horrible cramps, but it also increases energy – something that can be lacking during that time of the month. Obviously eating whole grains and green veg is a healthier way of getting magnesium into your diet, but it’s definitely not as enjoyable!

Chocolate is packed with other minerals, too

We’re talking potassium, zinc and selenium. Surprisingly, a 100g bar of high cocoa content dark chocolate offers up 67% or your recommended daily allowance of iron. Hmm, that or a spinach smoothie? Tough choice.

It creates feel-good vibes

After all, it’s not cabbage we’re coveting when we want comfort, or feeling the familiar PMS haze. Here’s the science behind it: dark chocolate boosts the production of endorphins because of its active compounds linked to mood-enhancing activity in the brain. Most of the credit goes to phenylethylamine, a chemical linked to falling in love, and tryptophan, the essential amino acid needed to produce serotonin.

Chocolate boosts brain power

It can be pretty hard to concentrate when it feels like a small knife is stabbing our womb repeatedly. Studies have shown that the flavanols in chocolate can improve blood flow to the brain for two to three hours, boosting memory, attention span, reaction time and problem-solving skills. That 3.30pm choccy bar at work suddenly seems *really* essential.

It can help you lose weight

Okay, so the dreaded bloat might not be down to weight gain, but did you know chocolate can help you lose weight? Well, as long as you stick to the dark stuff! Researchers at the University of Copenhagen found that dark chocolate is not only filling, but also lessens cravings for sweet, salty, and fatty foods. Therefore eating a couple of squares a day should help you avoid other fattening food. A diet we can all stick to!

Grab October’s Pink Parcel and get a choco hit via the premium Raw Halo Mylk and Pink Himalayan Salt Bar this month, made from 100% raw Peruvian chocolate. Mmmmmm.

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