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Health & Wellbeing / Tamsin Salfrais

Love Bake Off? Then You Won’t Be Able To Live Without *This*

Sponsored by Baked In

Okay, so we know there was all that drama with the channel switcheroo and the presenter swap (Mary Berry is still the grandmother of our hearts, sorry Prue), but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t still glued to our TVs at 8pm each Tuesday.

The Great British Bake Off is essential viewing and there’s just *something* about watching the hopefuls kneading, sieving and piping their way through biscuit week, coming out with tasty, buttery creations.

What’s even better is that, unlike The X Factor, we can actually recreate what they’re doing in the comfort of our own kitchen. So if you really want to beat Janet from Accounts’ blueberry muffins at the office cake sale, we’ve got a little helping hand for you – introducing Baked In’s Baking Club!

In September’s Pink Parcel, we introduced you to Baked In’s Chocolate Brownie Mug Mix, which is soooo bloody indulgent that waiting for it to cool was just not an option. Well, spoons at the ready because Baked In’s Baking Club provides a range of kits for full-sized baked goodies, with recipes created by pastry legend and two-star Michelin chef, Michel Roux.

Everything is measured out for you, there’s a visual recipe card in each box and there are even some handy extras like baking paper, a butter ruler (yep, that’s a real thing) and a skewer to test when it’s baked. You might as well apply for next year’s GBBO already…

Try your first Baking Club for only £2.99 including free delivery using the discount code PINKPARCEL299. Come on chocolate honeycomb cake, get in our bellies!

If you haven’t signed up to Pink Parcel yet, it’s time to start enjoying your period! Subscribe here and you’ll have everything you need (and want) sent directly to your door.


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