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Health & Wellbeing / Ali Horsfall

10 Facts About Animal Reproduction That Are Weird AF

Here at PP, we can’t get enough of info about our inner and outer bits. Honestly, we’re *total* vagina geeks. And it’s not just the workings of the human anatomy that we’re fascinated with – our female animal friends have interesting ladybits too. Don’t believe us? Check out these ten amazing animal facts.

1. Not in the mood for sex RN? The next time you question your libido, just look to pandas to make you feel better. Female pandas are only sexually receptive and fertile in the spring, for just 24-72 hours. If a male panda misses this window for sexy time, he’ll have to wait a whole year to mate again. That’s right, A WHOLE YEAR.

2. Apart from us women and our close primate relatives, the only mammals that actually menstruate are elephant shrews and bats. Who knew?

3. Female spotted hyenas have elevated levels of male hormones, which means that they act aggressively and rank higher in the pack than males. Not only this though, they also have a sex organ that looks just like a penis – but is in fact a really long clitoris that can extend by up to seven inches.

4. Because blue whales can be up to 100 feet long, they have vaginas so whopping you could actually walk through them.

5. Chipmunks make and give birth to their babies in record time. They’re only pregnant for around 30 days which is roughly the length of just one of our menstrual cycles!

6. If you reckon having one vagina is more than enough to deal with, then imagine being a kangaroo. Female roos have three vaginas each with a different job to do. Their two side vaginas carry sperm up to two uteruses and the middle vag pushes the joey down into the world – from here the tiny joey finds its way into the pouch to continue growing. Because of this genius reproductive plumbing, it means a kangaroo can be perpetually pregnant. Imagine that.

7. Lady sharks have what is called a cloaca. This is the name for their opening that is used to access the reproductive organs and get rid of waste. Talk about multitasking.

8. Female ducks have evolved to develop complex vaginas – with the aim of thwarting unwanted mating attempts by males. Mallards are one of the species that have large penises, making it possible to mate with a female whether it wants to or not. To fight back against this, some female ducks and geese have super-smart vaginas with spiral shaped channels, complete with cul-de-sacs pockets to lead sperm to a dead end.  

9. About a third of Australia’s cuddly koalas have been wiped out in the last decade due to the spread of Chlamydia – up to 70% of the creatures are infected with a strain of the sexually transmitted disease.

10. After having sex, female black widow spiders eat their male mates. Savage!

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