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How To Work Face Oil Into Your Skincare Regime

The notion of face oil sounds counter-productive – we know that oil blocks pores, which in turn causes pimples – but this beauty wonder works differently to the oil produced by our skin. In fact, these little droplets are integral to a healthy complexion, whether you have oily, dry or combination skin, and are a step you need to incorporate into your skincare regime straight away.

Not sure how? Just grab the Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil from this month’s Pink Parcel (worth almost three times your subscription!), head to your bathroom and prepare for rejuvenated baby-soft skin.

Sliding into your routine

The time of day to use face oil depends on your skin type. Your skin produces sebum (natural oils) at different times throughout the day, peaking around midday and tailing off just before bedtime. Usually, face oils are used at night, in line with your natural decrease of sebum, however, for those with particularly dry skin, you may benefit from a morning application, too. The oil will leave you with super-soft, smooth skin, creating an ideal base for your make-up.  

Grab your Moroccan Rose Oil and dispense four to six drops to massage into your skin before your moisturizer. Alternatively, for dry skin, apply post-moisturizer, so the oil provides a protective barrier against drying air. Don’t worry if you appear to have a bit of a shine – the oil will absorb.

How does it differ from actual oil?

Unlike regular oils, ones specifically for the face are made from blended essential oils that help lock in moisture and protect skin from the harsh environment.

A rose blend in particular has antimicrobial properties that help combat acne and also increases the amount of moisture your skin absorbs. Dr Botanicals’ Moroccan Rose Oil is rich in vitamin C to stimulate the natural production of collagen; vitamin A to protect you from signs of aging and almond oil to nourish the skin further. It is the ultimate time-turner, and will result in a softer, more youthful appearance. The travel-size in this month’s parcel is great for restoring moisture on the dehydrating plane (and will fit in your liquid allowance!), but you can also get your hands on the full-sized product from the Pink Shop.  

Not signed up to Pink Parcel? Subscribe here today and have everything you need (and want) delivered directly to your door. And, while you’re here, why not check out our Pink Shop? The best in beauty, all in one place.

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