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Have You Tried These Innovative New Face Masks?

Who’s gone face mask crazy recently? Yep, you, us, and the rest of the world it seems – and we’re not complaining, here’s a beauty obsession that sure is working wonders on our complexions.

But why are we such huge fans of this face ritual? Well, who doesn’t love the results of purifying clays, the fun of a fizzy, foaming mask, the ease of a moisture sheet mask and don’t even get us started on the Insta-appeal of those silver and gold foils. There’s a formulation of face mask however that’s often is overlooked – despite it being one of our faves – and that’s the humble powder mask.

Previously under-rated powder masks are making a comeback with innovative ingredients that have supercharged their back-to-basics, hands-on vibe. Ok they’re a bit more labor intensive than other masks, but that’s part of their charm; with roots in Ayurvedic beauty traditions, mixing your own face mask feels bespoke and ritualistic.

You’re able to control the consistency to create a thick or thin mask to match the needs of your skin, and unlike liquid masks that already contain active ingredients and potentially some preservatives to give them shelf life, powder masks rely on you activating the ingredients when you blend the paste – so each time you use the mask, it’s fresh and therefore feels more natural.

The nature-friendly skincare brand Optiat, which stands for One Person’s Trash Is Another’s Treasure, takes up-cycling to a whole new level, using ingredients that would otherwise be thrown away to create natural, high-quality, non-cruelty beauty products. Their hemp face masks, which happen to be our current favorite powder mask of the moment, are made from repurposed hemp husks. Pretty cool.

In Optiat’s range of powder masks there’s the Nourishing & Hydrating Face Mask which is made with mineral-rich rhassoul clay and activated charcoal – to gently remove toxins – and marshmallow root and calendula – to hydrate, calm and boost the skin’s cell renewal. Or try the Purifying & Exfoliating Face Mask which uses the natural exfoliating properties of the unloved hemp husks to buff away dead skin cells, combined with bentonite clay and activated charcoal to draw out toxins for a bright, clear complexion. The powder also includes skin superfoods, chlorella and kelp.

Time to throw these powder masks into the mix? We think so. Grab them from Pink Shop now.

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