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Why Botanical Beauty Products Are Super-Soothing For The Skin

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If you’ve got sensitive skin, searching for beauty products can be a battlefield of angry blotches, irritation and breakouts – a lot of trial and *a lot* of error. As a result, many women are turning to natural remedies to calm their skin’s flare-ups, having recognized how harsh chemicals can affect their skin.

Plants are super-soothing, gentle and packed full of natural vitamins and minerals, making botanical beauty the perfect combination of nature and modern science. So, dependent on your ailment, here are the ingredients to look out for on the back of your bottle…

The dark marks

For the skin types who scar easily, or have an uneven tone, there’s a plant for that! Well, three actually.

Two key botanical beauties are jasmine and aloe vera. Jasmine – as well as being an aphrodisiac *wink* – reduces the appearance of stretch marks and scars. Aloe vera has a high polysaccharide and plant sterol content, which helps repair damaged skin. That is why it’s a godsend for those times we’ve spent a little bit too long in the sun.

In addition, turmeric is a great one to look out for. Used in curries, coffees and Urban Veda’s radiance range, it is high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which means less redness and quicker regeneration. New skin equals less visible scars and more youthful looking skin.

Combat thirsty complexions

In addition to reducing hyper-pigmentation, turmeric is a great tonic to dry, flaky skin, thanks to its promotion of skin cell renewal.

Rose is great for this ailment, too. In Urban Veda’s reviving range, two types of rose are used: rosa damascena and rose geranium. Rosa damascena is gentle, but really effective at hydrating the skin as it has a high antioxidant content, while rose geranium detoxifies and soothes dry skin. It’s also great at reducing the appearance of cellulite when massaged into the skin. Oh how we love a double-duty product or two! 

Adds some zing to your skin

For lackluster skin, you need to go green. Thankfully, we’re not recommending yet another one of those green boost smoothies (though, that probably won’t hinder the process either) but rather suggesting you reach for beauty products containing eucalyptus and wild mint.

Like Urban Veda’s purifying range, the combination of these two ingredients add some brightness to dull skin. Invigorating eucalyptus is zingy and revitalizes the skin, while wild mint cools and stimulates. Mint is naturally rich in the acid that aids deep cleansing, too. Mother Nature, you’ve done us proud.

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