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Pussy Appreciation: 9 Kitty Pics We Can Totally Identify With

It’s International Cat Day (8th August) and in appreciation of our feline friends, we’re in the mood for some furry fan-girling. Here are our...

Health & Wellbeing

7 Things Tea Definitely Heals (Including A Broken Heart)

Sponsored by Hoogly Tea Us Brits drink more than 60 billion cups of tea a year, according to the UK Tea and...

Health & Wellbeing

101 Words For Boobs That Will Make You LOL

Every single one of us has a lovely bunch of coconuts. Sorry, melons. No, baps? Whatever you call Pinky and Perky, you...

Health & Wellbeing

35 Thoughts You Have During A Sweaty Heatwave

Because there’s hot, *hot*, and then off-the-scale, frickin’ sweltering… 1. Ah sunshine, finally. We’ve been waiting for your arrival. 2. Woaaahh sunshine....


41 Thoughts You have When Getting A Wax *Down There*

Big bush or super-smooth – how do you like yours? Regardless if you whip off your pubes or let them grow, if you’ve ever had...

Health & Wellbeing

The Grown-Up Girls’ Guide To Sleepovers

FOMO? Pfff, never. We know the best nights of your life can be had from your sofa. So if you’re feeling meh,...


4 Cool Valentine’s Day Dates That Won’t Make You Cringe

In a relationship, single or complicated – whatever your Facebook status, celebrate Valentine’s Day in style with these four *actual fun* nights out!...


Like You Needed Another Reason To Love Amy Schumer

Another day, another reason to obsess over our number one girl crush, Amy Schumer. The actress smashed the period taboo last night...


30 Thoughts Every Woman Has In A Public Loo

It happens to us all, several times a day. Whether you’re at work, out shopping or just “out out” there are some...

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