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Pink Parcel / Tamsin Salfrais

Why The PP Squad Is Loving February’s Pink Parcel

Have you been feeling the love this month? Have you indulged in some self-love, too? Well, that’s what we’re doing right now!

You lovely lot have been so generous with your feedback on February’s parcel, that we wanted to share the feels. We’ve picked out our favourite Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feedback sent in by the Pink Parcel squad this month to celebrate! We’re blushing already.

Emma Dee was pretty happy with our curation: “February’s Box arrived a day early & just in time, phew! Thanks PP, definitely something for everyone this month, great mix of products & amazing value!” while @rutherpopsx gave us GLOWING feedback. She said she “highly recommends” Pink Parcel and that she cannot wait to try the Scentered Love Luxury Balm.

Another lover of the Scentered Love Luxury Balm is @MAStacie who said “This @thepinkparcel little balm is amazing! Already bought another. Thank you #PPselflove” Was it from our Pink Shop by any chance, Stacie?

Loads of the squad also loved The Green Tea Primer from Evelyn Iona Cosmetics:

“I love the green tea primer! It’s so lovely! #Beautybox”

– jayme_dixonjd

“Loved the primer, not really used one before but this one’s nice and light”

– @mandy_saunders_

And others refreshed their skincare and beauty routines thanks to the discovery of new products in their parcel.

“I have used the Shimmer Bronzer I got in my box everyday since I received it!”

– @sussexsandra

“Loving my @vitamasques Manuka Honey face mask! Thanks @thepinkparcel for including it in my 1st box. Doesn’t have that usual tight feeling on my face that masks usually have you feeling. Very refreshing! #chill #relax #softskin”

– @amberseesred

Finally, this post from @chloescil just made us smile. Thank you!

“L O V E @pinkparcel day ? after three boxes, I can’t imagine my month without it! The products I’ve received never fail to make me happy inside, even when I feel like ? can’t wait to try all my presents to me, from me ? if you need a boost… “

– @chloescil


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