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Periods / Claire Blackmore

Pink Parcel Period Talk: Anija, Office Manager

Wouldn’t it be easier if we were all more open about the perfectly normal bodily function we experience each month? We think so. Each week a member of our very own #PPSquad will be sharing her period stories with you. Read, comment, share your own. Every story is welcome here.

This week’s period talk is from Anija, our Office Manager.


What’s your period craving?

Honestly, I crave all month long! Mostly kale smoothies, Haribo, chocolate, tomatoes and red pepper. I know, ‘weirdo’!

I know my period is coming when…

My lower tummy starts to feel a little tender.

Tell us about your first period…

When my first period made an appearance I went to my sister’s bathroom, took a tampon from her cupboard and off I went to the tennis court. LOL. Hardcore baby! Although, the tampon wasn’t sitting quite deep enough. I was lucky nothing leaked and thankfully I got the trick pretty quick with the next one.

Tell us a period cringe (we’ve all got one, hey…)

I’ve had plenty of those paranoid days when you’re on the first day of your period and have to give an eight hour workshop, and your one and only opportunity to go and change your tampon is the five minutes you get to run to the toilet during your lunch break. You literally pray no one will stop you for a chat on the way. All I can say is thank God for Super Plus Extra!

Your favourite thing to do when you have your period is…

I like to stretch, especially those muscles in my tummy, so yoga does the job for me. Before and after stretching however, you will probably find me on my sofa with a nice movie and those Haribo’s…

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