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Periods / Ali Horsfall

The Period Situs We’re Not Even Sorry For

A period doesn’t just bring blood, along with a flow comes fluctuating moods, a whole load of pad or tampon admin and some situs that we just don’t have to deal during other times of the month. But you know what? We’re so not apologising for any of it. Like breathing, or needing to eat – periods are a natural part of life and here at PP HQ, we’re all about smashing any shame or embarrassment surrounding them.

So here are 7 regular period situs that we’re *totally* not sorry for. Are you with us?

1. Flinging around our femcare

Because really, who can be bothered trying to make the time of the month a top secret, covert operation? If you stop us on the way to the loo, expect to see us clutching a tampon and don’t be surprised to spot a pad or two tumbling out of our bag at some point. The days of sani-shame are ohh-ver.

2. Getting OTT emosh

If you find yourself majorly blubbing because you’ve missed your train, or raging at the length of the Post Office queue, you haven’t lost the plot – we all know that next-level menstrual emotions are a thing and you can thank your up-and-down hormones for these (sometimes irrational) outbursts. Ok, so it’s not smart to lose your cool *all* the time, but we reckon the occasional emotional explosion is allowed – especially if it’s justified (yep, we’re talking about YOU Post Office queue).

3. Wanting sex when we’re bleeding

Ah period sex, you might love it or hate it, but if you’re a fan of getting it on when you’re on there are some pretty good reasons why. Orgasms work wonders on period pain and the endorphin release can boost even the crankiest of moods. Plus you’re naturally way more lubricated down there, you might just want to throw down a towel first.

4. Having off-the-scale hunger

Craving an insane amount of carbs or sugar is totally ok when you’re on your period. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

5. Bedtime bleeds

If you have heavy periods, or you’re a wriggler when you sleep, there’s a high likelihood of leaks on the sheets. But regardless of whether you share a bed or sleep solo, who actually cares? This situ is nothing the hot cycle in the washing machine can’t fix, right?

6. Rocking a hottie

Sure, it’s not necessarily the most professh look in the world, but providing you’re not lugging one into important meetings, stuffing a warm hot water bottle up your jumper while you’re sat at your desk is more than fine. Do what you’ve got to do to ease those cramps.

7. Bailing on plans

Never feel bad about dialing back on the diary commitments when you’ve got your period – in fact listening to your body is the kindest thing you can do for yourself. Crampy, tired, or just moody af? Then blow off your plans in favour of pyjamas and shut-eye. Trust us, the JOMO is super-sweet.


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