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Do you have sex on your period?
Periods / Eva Caiden

Period Sex: Are You Up For It?

It’s your time of the month and you’re veering from lying on your bed with a hot water bottle to being, let’s be honest, pretty up for it. Either is fine btw. But having sex on your period is no big deal – although it can be a little messy.

Do you have sex on your period?

But a menstrual hygiene product called Flex is challenging the idea that period sex has to end in stained sheets. Flex is a disk-like product that’s inserted into the vagina, towards the cervix. It’s actually an alternative to mooncups, tampons and sanitary products – but it’s becoming better known for the fact that it allows you to have sex whilst wearing it – minus any mess. This is because it doesn’t sit inside the vaginal canal like a mooncup or tampon. Instead it is tucked behind the pubic bone where it rests at an angle.

If you’d like to try having sex on your period, these tips will stop it turning into a hot mess:

Know Your Cycle

While your oestrogen levels dip at the beginning of your period, they will rise again by day three along with your testosterone levels. You may notice you get turned on more easily because of this. Be aware of it and enjoy it – it’s perfectly natural.

Be Prepared

Pop a towel down beforehand and don’t worry if you notice dark red or brown clumps after sex. It’s just older blood and cells and it’s totally normal. A condom not only protects from STIs and pregnancy, it can also make the clean up easier. The missionary position can limit blood flow, while having sex with the woman on top may have the opposite effect. Having sex towards the end of your period will also ensure your flow is lighter.

Stay Safe

Believe it or not, you can STILL get pregnant during your period. This is because you can ovulate (release an egg) just after you bleed – so make sure you use effective contraception. Guess what – you can still transmit and receive sexually transmitted infections (STIs) too. Condoms are the only way to protect yourself and your partner from most STIs.

Plus Points

Your period can actually provide a helping hand when it comes to lubrication. There is also research which suggests orgasms can relieve cramping and symptoms of PMS.  Still not convinced? You can have plenty of fun without full sex. Just use your imagination!

Do you have sex on your period? And what do you think of Flex? Let us know in the comments.

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