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Katie Piper Talks Period Cravings, Confidence And Coping With PMS

Just in case you hadn’t already noticed, we’re crushing on Katie Piper. The 33-year-old continues to inspire us daily with her kickass attitude to life.

We spoke to the lovely TV star turned author last week about her brand new book, ‘Confidence: The Secret’. Now, she’s giving us the lowdown on her periods. What else?!

Here, she talks monthly food cravings, coping with mood swings and staying confident even when you’re on…

You’re so confident! Does it dip during your time of the month?

Obviously it’s not the same as every other week, there’s definitely a difference. In all areas of my life I’ve learnt to let go of the things I can’t control and concentrate on the things I can – accepting some of the more permanent things – so I would say during my time of the month I’ve learnt to just go with it.

How do you deal with ALL THE FEELS when you’re on your period?

I’m not hard on myself when I say ‘oh my stomach’s bloated’, ‘I can’t do up my trousers’ or ‘I’m feeling more moody’, ‘I’m feeling snappy’, ‘I’m feeling lethargic’. Now I’m recognising I’m going to feel that way and that it’s a natural process. Surrender to it and not try and beat yourself up for being hormonal or crabby or bloated. When you go with the flow it’s far easier!

What’s your period craving?

I would say mine is a bit of comfort eating!

Do you give into them?

I think it’s important not to be negative and not punish myself because actually it’s OK once a month to treat yourself to nice food, it’s kind of good for the soul! We can’t all healthy eat every single day of the week.

What’s your period mantra?

Sometimes when you have a feeling, you have to respond to it. If your body wants to sit on the sofa and eat chocolate, that’s not going to kill you a couple of days a month!

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