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Women We Love: 3 Super-Inspiring Hobbyists

Yep, we’re calling it: hobbies are having a renaissance. Whether you’re mad into sport or being super-crafty is more your thing, having a pastime for the pure pleasure factor and sense of achievement is deeply satisfying. Hobbies boost self-esteem, help you de-stress and widen your social circle. Fact.

So, taking the feel-good vibes from our #PPpositivity pledge in January’s box, inspiring us to get out there and try new things, our first in the PP series of Women We Love looks at three females who are totally nailing their extra-curricular activities. What are you waiting for? Go do.

Who? Embroidery artist Hannah Hill

Listening to The Most Beautiful Girl in The World on repeat ??

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Why we love her:

Here’s a woman with needlework skills that would actually put your nan to shame. But that’s not all. Hannah’s embroidery artwork is both political and personal, and the brain behind it is without a doubt brilliant. From delicately stitched burning bras to bold prints in appreciation of the Grime scene, Hannah, who’s also known as Hanecdote, is rebranding this traditional craft with the aim of making it relevant and inclusive. She explores the big topics of gender, sexuality, mixed ethnicity, feminism and mental illness with her autobiographical stitches and challenges the “feminine” view of embroidery.

Feeling inspired?

There’s nothing to stop you doing a bit of needlework in front of Netflix now is there? The first step is to learn the basics of embroidery and there are tons of online courses for beginners. If you’re happy just to admire Hannah’s handiwork however, you can shop her embroidery prints, postcards and tees here.



Surf girl Sophie Everard

Why we love her:

Well it’s not just because she’s sunkissed, sporty and gets to travel lots – we really rate fitness instructor Sophie because she’s living her dream while helping other women feel good too. As a self-confessed adventure junkie, Sophie loves all things active from snowboarding and cycling to sunset yoga – but it’s her free-surfing hobby that has seen her creating the super-inspiring Mad To Live retreats. At her week-long surfing, fitness and adventure holidays in dreamy beachside locations, women can learn to ride the waves and focus on their physical and mental wellbeing, all while being motivated by the surf goddess herself. Sign us up.

Feeling inspired?

If you can’t make it to one of Sophie’s rad retreats, why not head to Cornwall and give surfing a try? For an inland option, you can still get your wetsuit/board fix with the next best thing – Stand Up Paddleboarding. SUP is the UK’s fastest growing sport is probably happening on a canal, river or lake not far from you.


Golf beginner Jasmine a.k.a @thejazzygolfer

Why we love her?

Jasmine took up her hobby eight months ago and is now super-passionate about the game of golf as well as encouraging other women and girls to give it a go. Why? Well, according to England Golf (the governing body of amateur golf), women make up only 15% of all golf club memberships, probably due to the perception that it’s time consuming, expensive and a bit boring – not to mention sexist with its culture of “men only” tee times and not that many girls at the golf range. Jasmine wants to dispel the myths surrounding female golf participation and has amassed 20k instagram followers while posting her progress. She’s also a fan of colourful, OTT-print outfits, which she claims makes her game that little bit more fun too.

Feeling inspired?

The benefits of golf include getting exercise in an often beautiful, outdoorsy setting and meeting new people. Plus, in killer #girlboss style, you could always do your business deals/meetings over a round instead of in the boardroom – that’s pretty smooth. If you fancy giving it a try, check out #ThisGirlGolfs for info on taster sessions and beginner lessons at clubs and golf centres around the UK.

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