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Have A Microadventure! 7 Ideas You Can Totally Try This Weekend

If you haven’t heard of the microadventure, you’ve deffo been living under a rock, rather than rambling over them. Dreamed up by adventurer and outdoors lover Alastair Humphreys, the #microadventure is all about doing something exciting and challenging, without having to trek across Nepal or whitewater raft down the Victoria Falls to get your kicks. It’s a quick, cheap, easy way of getting away from a computer screen and out of your comfort zone – you can even have a microadventure in your back garden.

We’re super-inspired by the concept, and have pinched some of Alastair’s ideas for embarking on our own microadventure this weekend. Any excuse to try something new….let’s go.

Climb a mountain

Or even a huge hill (which half way up sure feels like a mountain). The Lake District, Wales and Scotland are trips do-able in a long weekend and all have  ‘starter’ hills to hike up with stunning scenery as your reward at the end. Walking is thirsty work so don’t forget to pack the Phizz rehydration tablets from this month’s Pink Parcel, to keep you hydrated as you hike.

Sleep in a tent

You can’t beat sleeping under the stars for the Bear Grylls feels. You don’t even have to go far. Pitch one up in your back garden and wake to the sound of the birds.

Take a wild dip

We’re thinking a lake, river or sea, not an outdoor hot tub. No matter what time of year it is the UK, swimming in outdoor water isn’t for the faint hearted. Warm, no. Super-invigorating, oh yes.

Have a bike ride

When was the last time you rode a bike? If it’s been a while, it’s time to rediscover that childlike fun of pedaling off to explore the world (or just the park). If you don’t own two wheels, hire one for the day.

Go geocaching

Download the free Geocaching app to join the GPS powered worldwide treasure hunt that gets you outside hunting hidden things. Some geocaches might be at the bottom of your road, others will involve a mini-exploration, the aim is to get you outside and discovering new places.

Cook outdoors

You can keep it simple, but even with a disposable BBQ from the supermarket you can rustle up dinner outdoors. Head to your nearest big green space and have a burger and a beer as the sun is setting.

Hit the beach

Living on a small island such as ours has its benefits ­ – none of us are more than 2 hours away from the sea, which means escaping to coast ‘should’ be super-easy. Hands-up who doesn’t do it enough though? Take a walk on the beach, breathe in the sea air and treat yourself to a bag of chips.

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