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4 Cool Valentine’s Day Dates That Won’t Make You Cringe

In a relationship, single or complicated – whatever your Facebook status, celebrate Valentine’s Day in style with these four *actual fun* nights out!

1. Popcorn Party

Want something a little more exciting than a hotdog combo and a chick flick at your local Odeon? This alternative movie experience could be just the ticket for V’Day. Backyard Cinema puts on iconic and unusual films (both indoors and outdoors) then creates an entire world around them so you feel fully immersed in the story, from actors to live music. Think Romeo & Juliet in a church with a choir singing those haunting songs. Sorry, no actual Leo though…


2. Scream Fest!

If you don’t mind sharing your date with 10 strangers and have the bravery level of Harry Potter, we think Trapped In A Room With A Zombie could be right up your scary, unlit street. It involves being locked in a room with an angry zombie who’s chained to the wall – your only escape route being to find the hidden key. You’ll have to solve clues and riddles to find your way out, but there’s no better way to get up close and personal than a terrifying bonding experience, right?


3. Disco Night

Get your girls together, glam up and hit the town for a fierce night out! We love the sound of the ‘Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner‘ Valentine’s party, which promises to recreate the summer camp from Dirty Dancing to celebrate the film’s 30th anniversary. So, whether you need to sing your heart out to a load of break-up bangers or just need an evening away from the boyf, your bffs and some serious dance moves are the best place to start.


4. Sports Club

We’ve found a golf experience that is literally the opposite of hitting a boring 18-holer on a drizzly Sunday morning dressed in diamond trousers and a tank top. Putt your way through jacuzzis, slides, speed boats, wendy houses, cows and treadmills at Junkyard Golf while you sip on cool cocktails and devour delicious street food. With crazy courses in Manchester, London and Skegness, we suggest you book up now!


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