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Period Taboos: Proof There Is Still So Much Work To Do

Here at Pink Parcel HQ, there’s not much that makes us sadder than period myths, period taboos, period prejudice – basically anything that shows we’re not making progress when it comes to educating women, girls, and the world about periods.

It’s 2017. We all agree there should be no shame or insecurity surrounding the monthly cycle, yet study after study reveals that misinformation and negative beliefs are still widespread. Yep, considering it’s a normal part of being a female, that’s pretty bonkers.

We empathise deeply with the young girls in under-developed countries, struggling with a lack of both information and hygienic sanitary products, but it’s not just far afield where there are period obstacles to overcome. Here on home turf there are barriers to smash and taboos to be torn down, a recent survey has revealed.

Feast your eyes on these sad stats, taken from a survey by our sister brand betty. The women and girls were quizzed about all things periods ­– from the first time they came on, to their experience of period education.

There’s nothing funny about the findings….

41% of women said they didn’t really know what was happening to their body when they had their first period.

50% didn’t feel confident telling anyone.

60% were scared of their first period.

59% of women said that the lessons they had about periods were old fashioned and they couldn’t relate to them.

73% of women said that they didn’t feel able to ask questions in the lessons they had about periods.

74% think we’re too squeamish as a culture when it comes to talking about periods.

83% think there’s not enough emphasis on educating boys properly about periods.

60% of women think periods are still too much of a taboo subject.

90% think we all have a responsibility to talk more openly about periods to help break down this taboo.

Do you still think of your period as a social taboo? Let us know in the comment box below.

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