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#BeBoldForChange: Why These Girls Are Backing International Women’s Day

In celebration of #IWD2017, we asked a handful of brilliant women to join us in boldly raising our voices to further gender equality! Here, we chat empowerment and periods…

8K9A4244Daisy Dean, 19

When were you bold for change?

“Men consistently cat call at women and are really disrespectful, so I like to stick up for myself in these situations. I’m sick of them thinking they can intimidate me!”

How can we be bold when it comes to periods?

“Most women have periods. It’s a beautiful thing, it’s the cycle of life. It’s what allows us to reproduce and make babies. If I pop out to get tampons, I happily walk down the road with them in my hand. It’s just something that happens, I’m not ashamed!”

Do people’s attitudes towards periods still need to change?

“My experience is that most people are quite open. I think, for me, in my world, it’s totally accepted. I have a brother and he’ll be cool – he’s been raised to know that women get periods and it doesn’t bother him.”


8K9A4282Karima Ahmed, 20

When were you bold for change?

“For me to move here, that was a big change. I don’t have any of my family here or any friends. It’s different from where I am from in Finland too, so moving here for university all by myself was positive but scary!”

How can we be bold when it comes to periods?

“I am originally from Somalia and people don’t talk about periods there. My family are different, especially my sisters and mum as they talk about it all! Talking is good.”

Do people’s attitudes towards periods still need to change?

“I think it still needs to change. People would rather be quiet about it but it’s a normal thing so just speak about it more. I feel like people don’t actually do that a lot. In time people are becoming more confident which is good but there’s still work to do.”


8K9A4240Darcy Tarn, 19

When were you bold for change?

“Probably when I finished school and my friends went off to uni, because I went into work straight away. I went from my closed group to the big wide world which was pretty bold for me. I had a different life, I couldn’t party, I was working really hard for myself.”

How can we be bold when it comes to periods?

“My periods are all over the place, but I’m open about it. Who cares? You have your period, you get over your period. It’s, like, a week, it’s nothing. Just own it. People that think periods are gross, I don’t get it. It means we can reproduce!”

Do people’s attitudes towards periods still need to change?

“I was in a new relationship with my boyfriend and wasn’t due on my period when I leaked all over his sheets, but he was cool. I had really bad cramps and woke him up crying because I was in so much pain but he got me Feminax and was just really cool. It’s just life isn’t it! I think most men get it.”


8K9A4317Rebecca Andrews, 24

When were you bold for change?

“Probably when I went travelling. Me and my best friend finished uni and decided that we needed a break to figure out what we wanted to do, so we went travelling for seven months. We’d had quite a sheltered life so it felt like a very bold decision!”

How can we be bold when it comes to periods?

“It needs to be talked about. The two guys that I work with are really cool with it but some guys aren’t. These men are going to experience a girlfriend or a wife that’s going through it so they just need to learn about it and comfort us!”

Do people’s attitudes towards periods still need to change?

“I think people are still quite shy about it, people need to be more open. It’s a natural thing and happens to every woman. Men need to get over it, give us a hug and some chocolate and we’ll be happy!”





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