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#Femmecraft: How To Make Your Own Feminist Tee

When did you last dabble in something arty? Maybe not since high school? Or perhaps you’re already a total make-and-do addict? Either way, we’re up for a bit of extra crafting in our lives.

Not only is making stuff deeply therapeutic (there’s no time for anxiously over-thinking life when you’re nose down in a complicated cross stitch, right?) but you get something to show for your efforts too. Ta-da.

So get your scissors, glue and paint pot at the ready because we’re bringing you #femmecraft ­– our new monthly make series that celebrates our favourite topic, womanhood. Think period-inspired art projects, boob bakes, knitted nipples, and for the green-fingered among you, *actual* lady gardens.

Today, we’ll show you how to make a cute, pro-woman t-shirt.

What you need

  •      A plain white tee (we reckon oversized is best).
  •      Iron-on fabric or felt in the colour of your choice – we used this one.
  •      A female symbol template – save our template and print.
  •      Scissors
  •      Craft knife (optional)
  •      Pencil
  •      Sharpie pen
  •      Ruler
  •      Iron

How to make

Grab your sign template and carefully cut out the shape, including the centre circle. You can use the craft knife if it’s easier.

Take your iron-on fabric, turn the sheet over and then with a sharpie, trace around your shape twice.

Cut out both sign shapes, as neatly as you can.

Now get your tee, measure out the ideal position to place the sign and make a dot with your pencil. We made ours 23cm down from the edge of the t-shirt neckline and 12cm in from the sleeve. Do the same on the other side of your tee using a ruler to make sure the dots are straight.

Position the centre of the sign over your pencil dot.

Cover the sign with a cotton cloth and then press down with a hot iron for about 20 seconds.

Peel off the top protective layer of the iron-on fabric, while it’s still warm.

Repeat the process on other side of the t-shirt and, ta-da, you’re done!

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