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3 Books To Read About Nutrition

Having a satisfying, well-rounded relationship with food is the foundation for feeling on your A Game. After all, properly fuelling the body with what it needs, when it needs it, keeps sickness away and energy levels high, letting us crack on with life.

So, in a quest to learn more about improving our health with the contents of our fridge, we turn to the women who know all about eating for optimum health and wellbeing. Here are three books about nutrition that we’re devouring right now.

For recipes with a medicinal twist

The Food Medic For Life By Hazel Wallace

This is the second book by Dr Hazel Wallace, a.k.a The Food Medic, a practising doctor and qualified personal trainer. Hazel is one of the new-gen doctors who are passionate about nutrition and lifestyle medicine – not just turning to pills to improve health. Her book is split into two sections of recipes to reflect the pattern of busy lives: Fuel Up helps you power through the working week with portable breakfast ideas, fork-free-lunches, energy-boosting snacks, and dinners you can cook up in batches. The second section, Power Down, focuses on the weekends and holidays when you’re rediscovering and really enjoying food.

Expect ideas for delicious lazy brunches, comforting family dinners, traditional breads, celebratory cakes and tea-time treats. We love the no nonsense approach in this foodie bible, where common nutritional myths are busted and replaced with practical, evidence-based advice to ward off lifestyle induced illnesses.

“We can’t bury our heads in the sand and pretend that food doesn’t matter to our health. We can’t simply prescribe a pill for every ill. There isn’t always a cure, but we have a good shot at prevention if we take the right steps now. ”

For the science behind fad diets

The Wellness Rebel By The Plant Based Pixie

Who else has blindly followed a faddy diet or detox, only to think, “is this even good for me”, a few weeks later? The Plantbased Pixie is registered nutritionist Pixie Turner, and in this smart read she debunks the myths and unpicks the pseudo science behind the seemingly “cool” eating trends such as the clean-eating movement.

Pixie previously suffered from orthorexia, a form of disordered eating categorised by an unhealthy, potentially dangerous obsession with eating healthily, but after a “what am I doing to myself?” lightbulb moment, she began to apply a scientific approach to nutrition and ditched her previously rigid eating habits in lieu of a more balanced lifestyle – albeit a plantbased one. If you’ve ever questioned the wellness industry or struggle to cut through the nutri-babble, this book’s for you.

“Food is wonderful, delicious, beautiful, inviting, appetising…but never dirty, and should never come with feelings of guilt.”

For nutrition advice that makes sense

Re-Nourish by Rhiannon Lambert

In this part handbook, part cookbook, Rhiannon Lambert, the Insta-famous nutritionist of Harley Street Clinic Rhitrition, gets back to basics in a bid to make you fall in love with food again.  Re-Nourish follows the structure of a consultation with Rhiannon and offers an overarching sensible approach to eating well without the wellness BS. It’s packed with simple food philosophies and an easy to follow Re-Nourish menu to help you create nourishing meals for fuelling your body and mind – they’re adaptable for a vegetarian and vegan diet, too. We particularly rate the chapters on Food and Mood, and Mindful Eating and Sleep – proving that eating habits, good and bad, really do affect your entire health and emotional wellbeing.

“Food should be a positive aspect of life, offering enjoyment, fuel and happiness for both the mind and body.”

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