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Health & Wellbeing / Claire Blackmore

This Is Why Every Girl Needs A Go-Bag

What’s in your getaway go-bag? Or, more importantly, have you even got one? If you’re not yet on board with the benefits of keeping a let’s-go grab-bag, it’s time to pack yours now. Here’s why.

Getaway goals

It’s exciting to hype up a holiday by taking a whole week to pack – systematically laying out your clothes and triple-checking your toiletry stash for forgotten bits and bobs – but hands up who finds it all a bit of a faff? Especially for just for an overnight jaunt or mini-break. So let’s embrace the getaway go-bag: a small, pre-packed stash of essentials that can be grabbed at a moment’s notice. This tried-and-tested secret of the jet-set makes spontaneous escapades easy and is the sure-fire antidote to trip overwhelm. Every girl needs a go-bag waiting in the wardrobe.

The art of the go-bag

If you’re naturally an over-packer, we should probably warn you that prepping a go-bag demands a minimalist mindset. Six pairs of shoes and your entire make-up collection? Not needed. Light and easy travel is the goal, freeing you up for the more important business of adventure and discovery. Load a portable, easy-carry weekend bag with this lot and get ready to go.

– Choose a couple of versatile, combination outfits that can be reworked for day or night. Roll rather than fold your clothes to save space.

– You can always re-wear a bra, but enough clean knickers are a must.

– Pre-pack tampon and pads so you’re prepared if your period arrives – Pink Parcel’s keepsake cotton For Now bag is perfect for tossing into your go-bag. (Don’t forget to share a pic of your For Now bag from your holiday on Instagram with #fornowforeverywhere for your chance to win one month of your Pink Parcel subscription free!)

– Sample size toiletries and skincare products are both space-saving and will slide through airport security intact, and choosing double-duty make-up means you can take a whole lot less. Pack all your beauty bits in zip-up style bags that lie flat.

– When hunger strikes, you’re way more likely to leave your phone in the airport loo or struggle to navigate Google Maps, so arm yourself with plenty of travel-friendly nibbles to keep energy levels high. Joe & Seph’s gourmet popcorn pouches make the perfect on-the-go snack. This finest air-popped popcorn has all-natural ingredients and comes in over 50 flavours – from the adventurous Thai Style Peanut Satay to the authentic taste of the Big Apple, with the New York Cheesecake popcorn.

– Keep a spare phone charger, travel charger and travel adaptor in your go-bag to save you scrabbling around for them when you’re trying to get out of the door.

– And finally, get super-organised with a document pouch so your passport, tickets and travel admin are all in one place.

All that’s left now is to pick this weekend’s last-minute hotspot…

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