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Skincare Trends To Work Into Your Pamper Schedule

So hands up who’s totally bored of their beauty routine? Or maybe you just want to switch up your current simple skincare regime? Then check out the trends that rocked the beauty world this year, and see how you can work them into your pamper schedule. Think of it as a skincare refresh.

New oils

As much as we adore coconut oil (and it’s here to stay btw), there are a clutch of other natural oils to be added to your bathroom cabinet right now. Egg oil is extracted from egg yolks, which are rich in triglycerides with cholesterol and phospholipids, and has been used since the eleventh century for its amazing anti-inflammatory, moisturising and anti-ageing skin benefits. Sheep oil sounds kind of gross but is derived from the wonder ingredient lanolin – the amber-coloured fatty substance that acts as a protective coating on a sheep’s fur and has rich emollient qualities. Finally, the very niche horse oil might not be everyone’s cup of tea but is heralded a magic ingredient in Japan for its high-moisturising properties, and is a sought after K-beauty product (imported items are available in the UK). Horse oil can be used as a pure oil, or found as an added ingredient in creams and masks.

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Futuristic masks

If you’re still clinging on to your homemade avo/banana concoction it’s probably time to ditch it because the face masks of the future are all about innovative application. The must-try masks to pop onto your pamper repertoire include foil masks, double masking (targeting different areas of your skin), water rubber masks and peeling sleeping masks. That will keep you busy.

Multi-step routines

Forget about the easy cleanse, tone and moisturise that happens minutes before you hop into bed or head off to work in the morning, the latest way to look after your face is with a 10, or even 12, step process. Yep, you heard right. This intensive regime comes to us from South Korea, where the women take their skincare oh-so seriously and flawless complexions are the holy grail. Curious about what there *actually* is to do though? Well the multi-step process consists of the following; oil make-up remover/pre-cleanse, wash-off cleanser, exfoliator, toner, essence (the jewel of the Korean skincare routine), serum, sheet mask, eye cream, moisturiser, sun protection or sleep cream – depending on whether it’s morning or night. So there you have it, block out some time.

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Ayurvedic healing

The ancient Indian medicinal system of Ayurveda has tons of beauty rituals to draw on to treat and restore the skin. To tap into the holistic healing at home, look out for revamped Ayurvedic ingredients – rising stars include pomegranate, sandalwood oil, and the trendy spice turmeric. Turmeric acts an ultra “anti-everything” on the skin so is great at blasting bacteria, reducing redness and sorting out clogged pores.

Next-gen ingredients

Heavy hitting, clinically validated skincare formulations are now major staples in skincare routines with buzzy ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol and Peptides becoming more and more mainstream. Advances in anti-aging science means labs are releasing more patented blends with active ingredients that are backed by solid scientific studies – meaning products that *actually* work. Keep your eyes peeled for the new, next-generation ingredients added to your fave skincare brands.

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