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Health & Wellbeing / Ali Horsfall

Is This The Most-Groundbreaking Fertility Treatment To Hit The UK?

Whether you’d like to get pregnant now, sometime soon, or way off in the future, our baby-making potential is often something we take for granted.

But for the estimated 6,000 women in the UK who were born without a womb, or have lost theirs to cancer, there is no choice – carrying a baby is impossible.  

Until now, that is.  

Thanks to pioneering medical techniques, the first womb transplant in the UK will take place later this year and Britain’s first baby born by a transplant could happen by early 2020.

Within the next few months, three women chosen from a list of 50 of potential recipients will be hoping to make their baby dreams a reality, by using wombs donated from their mother or sister. Previously, their only chance of having a genetically-related child would have been through surrogacy.

The surgery will take place in NHS transplant centres, with the costs of around £30,000 per patient being funded by the charity Womb Transplant UK.

Womb transplants have already been carried out in ten other countries and in 2015, approval was given for ten womb transplants in the UK, but these were from donors who were brain dead. Now, the team plans to use wombs from both live and deceased donors.

Mr Richard Smith, the award-winning surgeon leading the project with Womb Transplant UK, heralds the treatment as a major step forward for women with absolute uterine infertility. “It’s a truly exciting time,” he said.

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