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Health & Wellbeing / Tamsin Salfrais

How You Can Take Care Of Your Body And Mind

Sponsored by Champneys Health Spa

We’re on the home stretch now; it’s getting colder and the end of the year is in sight. Seriously, where has 2017 gone? We just don’t know. Whether it’s the last drive to hit that yearly target at work, the back-to-school rush (not to mention a million new parental commitments), or perhaps post-holiday blues getting you down, autumn can be a stressful time. Which is why self-care needs to be at the top of your to-do list.

Don’t push your body to burnout stage – which, let’s be honest, no one wants just before party season. It’s super-important to indulge in some ‘me time’ and rejuvenate both body and mind. Champneys Health Spa is an absolute haven amongst the high street bustle, and they have a collective of beautiful countryside resorts and retreats you need to visit right now…

For the body

Leave behind exhaustion and inject some new energy into your body. Champneys offer traditional body wraps, deep tissue massages and hot stone therapies, but why not give one of their alternative treatments a whirl?

Obviously we’re sold on the Germaine De Cappucini Chocolate Wrapper. Consume the bar in this month’s Pink Parcel enroute to the spa, then head inside to get slathered with the stuff! Your therapist will relax your muscles with heated stones, then a chocolate exfoliation and cocoa wrap will follow. The smell is delectable and your skin will feel completely renourished.

If that doesn’t take your fancy, reenergise your body with a Japanese Shiatsu treatment. Shiatsu literally translates as finger pressure; the treatment stimulates blocked energies and releases tension in your body. Aches and pains will be significantly eased after you leave the spa.

For the mind

It’s not just your body that needs some TLC; you need to rejuvenate your mind to avoid burnout, too. Some find exercise plays a key part in cleansing the mind and, at certain locations, Champneys offer personal training and exercise advice, tailored to each individual. Their experts plan activities and offer fitness consultations, as well as actually conducting a session, if you so feel.

For something a little different, a dry float will leave you feeling tranquil. Recentre your thoughts with a treatment that allows your whole body to feel weightless. You’ll literally float your way to inner peace.


Now, let’s pay some attention to the smaller parts of your body that are often overlooked, but do the most. From being immersed in water (hello washing up, old friend) to having a constant connection with technology, to juggling shopping/folders/children all at once, your hands go through a lot day to day. Not just that, but your feet literally carry you the whole time. Champneys offer pampering manicures and pedicures which not only sort your nails out, but include indulgent massages for both sets of digits. Give them a bit of relief!

Or, bring the spa home

The spa is one heavenly place to be, but sometimes you can’t beat your very own home. Light a scented candle, send the family to the cinema and indulge in one of Champneys Spa at Home bundles. Their citrus blush range will give you a little pick-me-up if you’re feeling down, and a bath will give your mind and body time to replenish. Plus, you can’t beat the fact that your bathroom is literally 5 steps away from your bed, which makes flopping into it after an evening of pampering just *that* bit sweeter.

To book a Champneys Health Spa day, or break, head online. Their Spa at Home range can be found on their website, and at Boots stores.

If you haven’t signed up to Pink Parcel yet, it’s time to start enjoying your period! Subscribe here and you’ll have everything you need (and want) sent directly to your door.

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