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101 Words For Boobs That Will Make You LOL

Every single one of us has a lovely bunch of coconuts. Sorry, melons. No, baps?

Whatever you call Pinky and Perky, you can bet your entire bra collection that someone else will have a different (and totally genius) nickname for the Danny Devitos #favenameever!

Heck, it might even change at different times of the month. Your funbags might not feel so party-ready on the run up to your period, but when the swollen shoulder-boulders stop feeling painfully sore and your monthly cycle ends, they turn into sassy bazookas!

See, there really are loads of amazing ways to refer to your honker honkers. We are finding it difficult to stop. The cream pie puns are contagious. Sorry.

Need some lol-tastic tit inspo? Lingerie brand Curvy Kate has released the best list of boob alternatives…

1. Breasts
2. Boobs
3. Mammory Glands
4. Boobies
5. Tits
6. Fiery Biscuits
7. Melons
8. Baps
9. Coconuts
10. Yorkshire Puddings
11. Bangers
12. Cream Pies
13. Iced Gems
14. Bacon Hangers
15. Chips and Dips
16. Fried Eggs
17. Cantaloupes
18. ‘She drank her school milk’
19. Milk Monsters
20. Milkers
21. Brad Pitts
22. Danny Devitos
23. The Twins
24. Minnie and Mickey
25. Phil and Lil
26. Mary-Kate and Ashley
27. The Mitchell Brothers
28. Pinky and Perky
29. Ant and Dec
30. Mario and Luigi
31. Puppies
32. Snuggle pups
33. Cat Flaps
34. Wattdogs
35. Udders
36. Spaniel’s Ears
37. Mosquito Bites
38. Noogies
39. Babs
40. Lills
41. ‘The Girls’
42. Buds
43. Bips
44. Norks
45. Chebs
46. Maracas
47. Slammers
48. Tig Ol Bitties
49. Chebblies
50. Wabs
51. Funbags
52. Chesticles
53. Jugs
54. Waps
55. Tatas
56. Bazoombas
57. Breasticles
58. Bazookas
59. Mammeries
60. Bristol Cities
61. Cha-chas
62. Bosoms
63. Jubblies
64. Charlies
65. Juganauts
66. Peaks
67. Knockers
68. Rack
69. Shelf
70. Dongles
71. Nunga Nungas
72. Wangers
73. Swingers
74. Air-bags
75. Tatty Bo Jangles
76. Honker Honkers
77. Cans
78. Babylons
79. Bubbalas
80. Nipple Holsters
81. Life Savers
82. Buoyancy aids
83. Orbs
84. Bongos
85. Watties
86. Bouncers
87. Wagons
88. Globes
89. Shoulder Boulders
90. Hooters
91. Muchachas
92. Titties
93. Man boobs
94. Fleshy Mounds
95. Upper Bollocks (Sorry)
96. TB’s (Top Bollocks – again – Sorry)
97. Dirty Pillows
98. Naughty Pillows
99. Two old socks
100. Aspirin on an Ironing Board
101. Mud Flaps

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