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10 Cool New Things To Try This Month

Well, who’s had a boring January? Yep, us too. And while dialing back on life is kind of expected and totally allowed this month, there’s no reason not to turn things around and climb out of that rut right now.

And let’s not forget our #PPpositivity pledge in January’s parcel, encouraging us to get out there and do something different. If you’re dry on inspo though, here are ten cool new things you could try.

1. Super-charge your coffee

We get that your morning caffeine high might be non-negotiable – sometimes hot water and lemon just doesn’t cut it – but that doesn’t mean you can’t super-charge your cup of coffee with goodness. Healthy coffee is being predicted as one of 2018’s biggest wellness trends, according to Pinterest, which means pimping your coffee with health boosting add-ons such as collagen, potent adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms and spices. Stir it in and you’re good to go.

Cappuccino with a touch of pink ? ?: @itsbeccarose

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2. Swap HIIT for LIIT

If you’ve ever sweated in a HIIT class during your lunch break, you’ll know that it’s super-effective – you get the maximum calorie burn in a minimal amount of time. So what’s the deal with LIIT? LIIT, or Low Intensity Interval Training, is a workout method that’s similar to HIIT in that it’s based on short bursts of exercise followed by a recovery period. The difference with LIIT however is that the intensity pace is slower and the recovery period much longer. Think a jog/walk combo over a longer period of time, rather than a sprint/jog combo over a shorter period of time. LIIT is great if you’ve had an exercise hiatus (blame Christmas), when you fancy taking things down a notch but you still want to move your body and burn fat – such as when you’ve got your period, or if you’re recovering from injury.

3. Choose a minimalist mani

Less is most definitely more in the coolest nail salons RN. Bright, colour block nails are out and pared-back manis boasting super-minimal designs and chic subtle shades are in. Want to give it a go? Try thin graphic lines on nude nails, neutral polish with a single dot of colour on the half moon, or ultra-natural colour combos with contrasting inverted Vs. Lush.

4. Make some macramé

Like knitting, cross stitch and flower arranging, macramé is up there with the grandma hobbies that have suddenly got cool – and this knotted, boho handiwork is easier to create than you think. Sign up to a local class or try an online workshop and you could soon be whipping up beautiful, insta-worthy plant hangers and wall art.

Happy Tuesday! I’m thrilled to announce Brit is our feature this week for #MacrameMakesIt!??? Check out her pretty planties in those adorable macramé hangers she made in the window!? It’s all so bright and happy, I agree this must be the place for a cuppa coffee or maybe even a nap!☕️? . Special thanks to our cohost Lindsay @forageandlace for joining us ? Our new round begins now! ? POST an original photo anytime that shows us how you style + use macrame in your space ? Follow ALL your hosts Jude @whynotknot Brandy @ket_mercantile Kristin @theloungeista Brandi @the.hectic.eclectic Regina @luvewant our guest host Brit ? Use the hashtag #MacrameMakesIt ? Invite friends to play (I've tagged a few!) ? Our picks features Tuesday on ALL our accounts + will be invited co-host the next round! . {Sharing this hosted hashtag on the #decorhashtagfeed } . . . #MacrameMakesIt #mybohemianabode #MyStyledDecor #mybohovibes #modernmacrame #macramemovement #bohemianmodern #macramelove #eclectichome #walltowallstyle #earthinspiredhome #myhomemashup #jungalowstyle #stopandstaredecor #boldbohemians #myeclecticmix

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5. Become a skater girl

So in an ideal world, this would be on a Californian boardwalk, in a pair of denim cutoffs, right? Equally though, a skate around the park in your leggings can be a fun thing to do outside of your comfort zone, so if you’ve never been on a board in your entire life, get some knee and elbow pads and give it a go. London’s House of Vans holds all girl skate nights, with tutors to teach you the tricks of the trade and if you’re super-scared to skate but still want to soak up the vibes, there’s a yoga session too.

6. Take a self-care staycation

Hands-up who’s gone on what should be a relaxing mini-break, only to return feeling more frazzled than before. The packing, the logistics, all the doing while you’re there (first world problems, we know). We’re wholeheartedly encouraging the self-care staycation as it involves booking a few days off work, or blocking out a whole weekend for the sole purpose of re-charging and *doing you*. If you can’t manage a weekend, try a day, but there’s one firm rule here – no busyness and no plans.

7. Journaling

We say bring back the diary. Not only is journaling a major trend at the mo, if you’re not much of a talker when it comes to problems, channeling your inner 13 year old and writing a daily diary can be a brilliant way to work through your feelings in a private space and bring clarity to your thoughts (it’s also great if you have a dodgy memory and want to look back on a stage in your life at a later date). It goes without saying too that for all you stationery addicts out there, there are some super-cute journals to choose from. Our advice? Just try not to lose it.

8. Learn to code

Simply because it’s the new literacy. Initiatives to close the skills gaps in the tech industry are encouraging more girls and women to learn to code – with even a basic knowledge of programming language being a valuable asset for any job. Steve Jobs is quoted as saying “everyone should learn to programme a computer because it teaches us to think,” but where does the average non-coder even start? The easiest and most popular way is with an online course, so you can learn at your own pace with no drama. Codecademy is a no-nonsense hands-on resource to either pick up basic skills with free learning or take an intensive course to build valuable career skills.

9. Melt your hair

If you’re lusting after effortless hair instead of your high maintenance highlights or tints, then ask your hairdresser for a colour melt. Following in the footsteps of ombré and balayage, colour melting is the latest subtle highlighting technique that gently blends a colour, or multiple shades, with your base hair colour to achieve a flawless, melted effect – that could have totally happened naturally.

Saturday sizzle. Photo: @kimbecker_

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10. Climb a big tree

Because when was the last time you did that (if ever)? However we’re not suggesting you just go and scale your nearest sycamore for some childlike fun, instead take a tree climbing class that will teach you the skills and give you that tree-top high, while making health and safety a priority too – because we’re all for trying something new but a broken leg, you really don’t need.


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