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If You Only Buy One Thing This Week

Whether it’s been a long week, or you need the motivation to get up and go, we think it’s always time to treat yourself. You are incredible, after all.

In this series, we’re bringing you the low-down on a product that we’ve fallen in love with – one we think you can’t live without.

The product

Catherine Malandrino Style De Paris purse spray

How to use it

Here at PP HQ, we’re a little bit intoxicated with Style De Paris, the debut fragrance from French runway designer Catherine Malandrino. The fresh, modern scent is head-turning and complex yet no way overbearing thanks to its fruity and floral, carefully-crafted notes – ruby-red grapefruit and nashi pear blended with orange blossom and gardenia, plus mid notes of violet and ocean breeze with a base layer of patchouli. The best bit? This scent comes in a handy purse spray so there’s no need to carry a big bottle around to get your fragrance fix. Spray the Style De Paris perfume on your pulse points: behind the ears, wrists and inside elbows, to enjoy a longer-lasting, sophisticated scent.

Why we love it

What we really rate about this fragrance is that it smells totally unique – the kind of unique in which people stop you in the street to ask what you’re wearing. With its subtle and stylish scent, Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris is a fragrance that’s totally wearable both during the day or for a night out. Just pop the handy purse-sized spray in your handbag and you’re good for a spritz on-the-go, whether that’s at the office or out in a bar.

Where to buy it

At £16, the Catherine Malandrino purse spray is a generous addition to April’s Pink Parcel (you can thank us later). Enjoy yours for no extra cost throughout the month, then visit our Pink Shop to replace. If you’ve fallen in love with the scent and want the full-size Catherine Malandrino Eau De Parfum, it’s also available from our Pink Shop in 30ml for £50, 50ml for £60, or a lovely gift set containing the purse spray, body lotion and a 100ml sized bottle of Eau De Parfum for £95. Get ready for Catherine Malandrino to be your new signature scent.


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