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Super Simple Ways To Preserve Your Full-Size Perfume

English Laundry No 7 For Her EDP Spray

Perfume is the undisputed hero of the dressing table. Not only does a beautifully designed bottle inject glamour into your beauty product line-up, but a spritz of your signature scent can subtly lift your mood and enhance your day with its heady, invisible influence. So we reckon our full-sized fragrances deserve some love. By learning the tips to look after your ‘big-bottle’ perfume, your favourite aroma will last that little bit longer.

Box clever

Although a stunning bottle warrants taking centre stage on your shelf or dressing table, keeping a perfume tucked away in its box is actually the smartest thing to do. Being exposed to direct sunlight causes a fragrance to deteriorate much quicker than if it lives in a dark, cool place – like a drawer or wardrobe. It’s also a no-no to keep bottles in the bathroom. The heat and humidity here can break down a perfume’s particles, causing it to quickly lose its scent.

Double up

If you’re tempted to toss your full-sized perfume bottle in your bag to have with you during the day, then don’t be. That’s what the smaller versions were created for. Using a purse-sized spray for an on-the-go spritz is not only space-saving and easier, it preserves the life of your full-sizer. Regular motion and changes in temperature will alter the composition of a perfume and cause it to lose its scent.

Best before?

Had a perfume for years already? You can check if it’s spoiled by taking a good look at the liquid. If a fragrance is past its finest, it might darken in colour, thicken and/or become cloudy. It’s likely to smell different to how it should, too.

Use on the daily

An open bottle of perfume won’t last forever – around two years max, so saving it just for special occasions seems pointless. Fragrance is the ultimate, unseen accessory; so choose one you love, make it your signature scent and wear it as often as you can!

Head to the Pink Shop to buy the full-sized fragrances from Catherine Malandrino and The English Laundry.


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