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Beauty / Tamsin Salfrais

Here’s The Science Behind Lip Plumpers

Fancy a full-lipped look without the hassle, pain, cost and worry? Yep, us too. Many people are turning to lip plumpers as a preferred solution, achieving a fuller pout quickly and safely. How does it work though? We’ve got the DL on the magic formula.

What are lip plumpers?

A temporary and less invasive alternative to injections or surgery, lip plumpers are applied in a similar way to gloss, or liquid lipstick. Due to their nature, they can easily slide into your daily beauty routine as they take literally seconds to apply. A lot more convenient and cost effective than a trip to a clinic, eh?

How do they work?

Lip plumpers rely on natural ingredients to spark a reaction in your lips. This month, we’ve got a lip plumper for you to try in your Pink Parcel. Puckr Up uses Vanillyl Butyl Ether (also known as VBE), which increases blood flow to your lips, resulting in a fuller shape that lasts for hours. Upon application, you will feel a tingling sensation. This is because VBE is a natural warming sensory agent and reacts this way with the skin – it’s a totally natural reaction, so don’t be alarmed! Some people find the tingling sensation overpowering; it’s best to apply sparsely to your lips first and build to find your tolerance level.

Puckr Up is super lightweight and, like most lip plumpers, can be applied on its own or under lipstick. Paired with a fiery red lippy, you’ll achieve a high impact screen siren look – just ask Pink Parcel’s Editor Claire! Grab the one from your parcel, or head to the Pink Shop to purchase the full-sized product. The lip plumper will not only improve the appearance of your lips but the feel, too.

It’s worth remembering, because of the way they work, you shouldn’t apply lip plumpers to dry or cracked lips. Whip out the lip balm and let them heal before striving for that dramatic pout!


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