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Beauty / Tamsin Salfrais

How To Get That Glossy Highlight Glow In Seconds

Between #girlbossing your job, keeping your bullet journal up to date (if you haven’t got one yet, where have you been?), drinking G&T’s with your girls and finding time to shop, sleep and eat, where’s the time to master that glossy strobed skin that’s so hot right now? Nowhere, we know.

Well don’t fret, beauty babes. The key to nailing this winter-perfect highlight is in finding the right tools! While we may cherish each and every make-up wand, sometimes five different brushes for one lip look is just a bit extra. So rather than spending 15 painful minutes in the mirror, switching from brush to sponge to fingertips, we’re adding this amazing pencil to our arsenal.

The Beauty Crop Glamazon Stick is a handy highlighting crayon that lets you literally draw onto your skin for a foolproof, flawless shine.

Once you’ve applied your make-up, grab the Glamazon stick from your November Pink Parcel and softly trace the places the light hits your face. Make sure you hit both above and below the brow bone, the inner corner of the eye, down the bridge of the nose, above the cheekbones and lastly, over the cupid’s bow.

You can play with the heaviness of the look by layering up the pencil, colouring over the same section a few times, or if you’re after a fresh finish, stick to one light and subtle application. No need for an Instagram filter, thank you.

The bonus info? The stick is infused with cocoa butter and jojoba oil, so it practically glides onto your skin whilst deeply moisturising too!

Give it a go before party season hits because practise makes perfect, right?

The Beauty Crop Glamazon Stick is available in November’s Pink Parcel and will be coming to the Pink Shop soon.


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