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Beauty / Claire Blackmore

Why We’re Crushing On These Incredible Korean Beauty Buys

The Korean beauty market has exploded over the last few years thanks to a wave of innovative products wrapped up in super-cute, quirky packaging – and we can’t get enough. Sheet masks, skin-softening yoghurts, collagen mists, lip-plumping gels, essences, 100% silk exfoliators – the forward-thinking formulas are endless.

Incase you hadn’t noticed, we too are are obsessed with skincare (especially when hormones attack our complexion each month) which is why we continue to partner up with K-beauty brands that work wonders for the complexion. Here are just a few of the reasons why you need to join the beauty revolution…

Skincare comes first

K-beauty products are all about skincare. If it doesn’t work wonders to repair, rehydrate and leave you with a flawless, poreless complexion, it’s not worth creating. Why? Because Korean women tend to put skincare at the top of their self-care list. In fact, many believe that beautiful skin *is* beauty itself. That’s why double cleansing, hydrating sheet masks, emulsions and ampoules (a supercharged serum) are all just part of their weekly beauty regime.

Natural ingredients are number one

Korean beauty products take natural ingredients to the next level. One of their favourite ingredients is snail mucin – actual snails guts.  This cult extract has been proven to fade acne scars, revitalise and hydrate so richly it’ll leave skin with that sought-after glow. Other popular natural ingredients used are bamboo, green tea, red ginseng, marine collagen, seaweed, mugwort, soybeans and volcanic clay.

Trial and error is key

Not only are K-beauty products surprisingly affordable, but the market is developing at such a rapid rate that experts are launching (and canning) a huge amount of products each year. This means the amazing ones go stratospheric super-quick, whilst the ones that aren’t so great disappear and make way for a new wave of cult creations. So update your beauty regime with these hero products and watch your skin transform!


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