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Beauty / Tamsin Salfrais

Chic Braids To Try If You’re Over Your Pony

Get up and go ladies, it’s 2018 and we’re ready to take on the new year like a #girlboss. So along with your brand new wardrobe (thank you Boxing Day sales), how about a hot new hairstyle, too?

Last season’s London Fashion Week saw a mass of chic braids, with models from Jil Sander and Fausto Puglisi to Philipp Plein rocking intricate styles on the SS18 catwalk.

Taking inspo, we’ve followed suit to create a simple and eye-catching plait – bang on trend and fuss-free. Using Bandzee hair ties, because their Glamour selection is just right for our catwalk creation, we’re waving bye-bye to boring ponytails.

What you’ll need

Bandzee hair ties from your January Pink Parcel
A few kirby grips
A comb

How to

1. Divide your hair into two equal parts down the middle.

2. Start with a normal French plait using one half of your hair. To do this, start a plait in the middle, picking up a section of hair from each side as you cross over. Don’t worry if it’s not as sleek as you’d like, this high fashion look is all about texture.

3. Once you get to the base of your neck, secure with a Bandzee hair tie. This will secure the plait. Also, the material is super-soft so it’s kinder to your hair than regular bands.

4. Repeat step 2 and 3 on the other half of your hair.

5. Take a thin section of the loose hair, wrap around your Bandzee and secure with a grip.

6. Now for the fun part – tease out sections of the plait to give it texture and backcomb the two loose ends. Voila! High fashion plaits that’ll keep your hair out of your face so you can crack on with your 2018 adventures.


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