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Beauty Buys For Every Summer Skin Dilemma

For us, summer is the most fun time of year: holidays and balmy beer garden nights are pretty hard to beat. However, even the most spirited of summer babies can find themselves with a whole host of heat-related beauty traumas, from top to toe.

Thankfully we’ve got a solution for pretty much every summer skin dilemma. Scaly legs, dry lips and shiny foreheads, be gone!

Blitz shine

Even the best foundation can give way to forehead shine when it’s hot out. Lord And Berry’s Pressed Powder is the perfect back pocket beauty solution and will have your skin back to matte in no time.  

Nourish lips

Summer = minimal make-up, maximum lip balm! Stop Cracking Up by Anatomicals is just the right amount of glossy and will moisturise your pout to perfection. Keep a tube on you at all times to stop your lips cracking up.

Hydrate hair

A day at the beach might be good for the soul, but it’s not great for the hair, especially if you colour yours. Chirp Body’s Softnest Hair Mask will have your salt ‘n’ sun drenched locks back to full health in no time. Its handy 100ml size means you can even carry it in your hand luggage for weekend breaks.

Soothe feet

Sandal season doesn’t have to equal an expensive pedicure if you have the right tools to treat hard skin at home. Beauty Pro’s Foot & Callus Peel is a godsend for dry summer feet, though be aware you’ll be shedding dead skin for around a week, so this is one holiday prep you’ll want to do in advance.

Buff skin

We’ve all been there. You get dressed up for a summer night out, you’re feeling fierce… and then you look down. When exactly did your calves become so scaly? For a quick fix Patisserie De Bain’s Lemon Bon-Bon Hand & Body Lotion will soothe your scales, but if you manage to catch them pre-shower, make sure you exfoliate. Optiat’s Pick Me Up Coffee Scrub in Lemongrass Lifter will slough off dead skin cells and rejuvenate your bod at the same time.


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