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7 Times Tumblr Totally Summed Up Our Periods

We can think of one big pro when it comes to our periods – womankind totally relates. The sad uterus, the uncontrollable moods, the tiredness, the insatiable hunger when only a dozen donuts will do… Girls just get each other during that time of the month, right?

Well, turns out Tumblr is a girl, too. She understands our monthly womb agony and emotions like she’s inside our very minds.

Don’t believe us? Here are seven illustrations that prove it.

1. That time when your womb literally feels like it might fall out.


2. That time when your moods go a little cray cray


3. That time when you feel nothing but complete and utter sadness


4. That time when you feel no food shame whatsoevertumblr_oa0gbfEQbw1sn7waio1_1280

5. That time when your period ends then catches you out with one last blood dump


6. That time when only your weird yoga poses help with your cramps


7. That time when your period throws you a party for not getting pregnant, but you can think of 926564824 ways you’d rather celebrate.


Illustrations: Tumblr, Rachel Halper, Cécile Dormeau

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