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#TotesEmosh: This Cute Cat Cared For A Pregnant Goat!

If you love animals as much as we do, this is literally going to make you squeal because it’s so darn cute.

A fluffy cat called Pretty Boy ditched his day job of purring and sleeping to become a pregnant goat’s personal midwife and pregnancy masseur at a farm in West Virginia.

Erm, what!? Yes, you read that right. The loving little moggy, who is cared for by Operation Fancy Free – an organisation that both neuter and return feral cats, as well as adopt and foster them – spoilt Copper with bags of animal TLC during her pregnancy and even her labour!


“Pretty Boy has been sleeping with, sitting on and massaging Copper,” said the organisation’s Facebook page.

“He thinks he’s a midwife and is massaging Copper through her contractions trying to help her have her babies.”

Well, it turns out Pretty Boy worked his magic as Copper the goat delivered three kids – two boys and a girl – earlier this month.

Meet Baxter, Fancy and Alfalfa…

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Anyone else’s heart just melted?

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