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We all know tea tree as an acne treatment, but did you know tea tree oil also has an array of other uses, too? Not only does it remove odours, but it acts as a stimulant for hormones, blood circulation and immune system. Seeing as tea tree essential oil is poisonous when ingested (don’t do it!), use Sanatio Naturalis Essential Oil in Tea Tree for aromatherapy to reap these benefits.

PP Says

Pop in an oil diffuser, put a couple drops on a flannel or pillow, or rub a couple of drops diluted with water, into your skin, if using to treat a physical ailment.


Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil

About Sanatio Naturalis

Using raw materials, Sanatio Naturalis have created a line of essential oils based on the healing properties of nature. Perfect for aromatherapy, the deep fragrances are just what us busy women need to unwind.