Sanatio Naturalis Essential Oils Sweet Orange

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Sanatio Naturalis Essential Oil in Sweet Orange is as delectable as orange Quality Streets, or a slice of Terry’s Chocolate Orange (sorry, food is #life), but you can actually rub onto your body, or sit and smell, without getting odd looks. Sweet Orange Essential Oil can ease muscle cramps and spasms (so long, period pain), as well as helping with anxiety, anger and inflammation.

PP Says

Pop in an oil diffuser, put a couple drops on a flannel or pillow, or rub a couple of drops diluted with water, into your skin, if using to treat a physical ailment.


Citrus Sinensis Peel Oil

About Sanatio Naturalis

Using raw materials, Sanatio Naturalis has created a line of essential oils based on the healing properties of nature. Perfect for aromatherapy, the deep fragrances are just what us busy women need to unwind.