Sanatio Naturalis Essential Oils Lavender

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Sanatio Naturalis Essential Oil in Lavender is a great aromatherapy accompaniment to your bedtime routine, or when wanting to alleviate PMS symptoms. The calming scent is known to be helpful in relieving anxiety and insomnia, while some research suggests it can help with symptoms of depression too. Made with 100% natural ingredients, incorporate Sanatio Naturalis as part of your daily routine.

PP Says

Pop in an oil diffuser (but don’t leave on overnight!), put a couple drops on a flannel or pillow, and drift to sleep with the sweet scents of lavender.


Lavandula Angustifolia Oil

About Sanatio Naturalis

Using raw materials, Sanatio Naturalis have created a line of essential oils based on the healing properties of nature. Perfect for aromatherapy, the deep fragrances are just what us busy women need to unwind.