WipeOut The Amazing Microfibre Cleansing Cloth


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We all know it is a cardinal beauty sin to leave your make-up on when you hit the hay, but it can be a right chore at night. Let’s not even mention the pile of make-up wipes we get through either - sorry, environment! The super soft Microfibre Cleansing Cloth from Magnitone is one product with the answer to BOTH of these problems. Using only warm water, the cloth picks up the most stubborn of make-up with it’s microfibres without smearing across your face, or getting rough and tough with your skin. It’s reusable; just wash and use again and again.

Editor’s Tip

Wet the microfibre cleansing cloth with warm water and wipe away your make-up using circular motions. Once your face is clean (it will be quicker than you think!), pop the cloth in the washing machine ready for your next use. Ingredients Microfibre.

About Magnitone

Magnitone champion looking your best by feeling your best. They provide the techy tools you need to achieve total confidence in your own skin.