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What Happens To Periods After Pregnancy & During Breastfeeding?

Having a baby is a big deal for your body and mind but what happens to periods after pregnancy? A lot, actually. Growing a baby, birth and even breastfeeding can change your periods completely or make you notice your body in a way that totally passed you by before.

Here, we hear from four Insta mums who give us the real deal on periods post-pregnancy.

Clemmie Telford – Mother Of All Lists

Hands up if you love a list? Well, Mother Of All Lists is full of them. The collection of blog posts by Clemmie and her guest writers cover everything from ‘Everything I know About Anxiety’ to ‘Why Having Kids Is Good for your Career’ (Creative Director Clemmie is mum to two small boys). The vibe is warm, honest and hilarious. Well worth a read.

Clemmie Telford, aka Peckham Mamma, photographed in Shoreditch.Photo credit: @emilygrayphoto

"One perk of breastfeeding is that your periods don't come back while you're feeding. I actually only had one period between my boys. Three years almost period free was a total win. Since having kids I've taken the time to learn more about my cycle – it sounds hippy, but understanding how it affects your mood, headspace and body is so liberating. It makes you understand yourself better. It even impacts how I manage my diary!"

Natalie Lee – Style Me Sunday

Former midwife Natalie is mum to two daughters aged eight and four and blogs about fashion, curves and confidence. She's passionate about spreading the body-positive message and is on a mission to inspire and empower women with her #warriorwomanproject – all done with lashings of sass and style of course. Go Nat.


"I think the main difference has been the change in my PMT, which I didn't noticed at all before kids. It has got worse after every child. And sometimes I really struggle emotionally with th​is, as does my husband!"

Alison Perry – Not Another Mummy Blog

Stunning, colour-pop pics, family adventures and friendly advice feature on this ex-magazine journo's blog and Insta feed. Follow Alison as she documents everyday life with a six year old alongside dozens of pretty doorways and a truckload of tea and cake.


"My periods have always been heavy and painful - I suffer from PCOS and endometriosis - so not having periods when I was a breastfeeding new mum was great. When they returned, they seemed even heavier and more painful than before - which I managed by going on the Pill for three months at a time under doctor's orders. One good change is that they are much shorter than before - so at least they're out of the way quickly each month."

Emma Ross – Mamalina

Here's a yoga-loving, eco-mum who's juggling the go-slow life with her adorable sons, Jack and Sonny, alongside a building a career at Google HQ. Emma's followers love her dreamy photography, veggie-based recipes, inspiring travel inspo and a keeping it real approach to parenting.


"Pregnancy has made me understand my body far more and actually weirdly, has made my periods go from awfully irregular to slightly more regular. And when I suddenly feel sluggish and want to lie in bed all day, I know it's coming."